How to run your own Aeternity node on Amazon AWS

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Hey there, So you are new to aeternity blockchain and want to run a node of your own, but you […]

| March 26, 2019

Tezos decentralized voting

Tech Talks

What it is and how it works? Recently Tezos protocol had concluded a historic first voting round for upgrade proposals. […]

| March 22, 2019

0x07. Aeternity Sophia ML workshop – [Blockchain Developers Meetup]

Meet-ups, Events, Tech Talks

Hey guys, Yesterday we had our 7th Blockchain Developers Meetup this time dedicated to Aeternity’s Sophia smart contract language. For […]

| February 21, 2019

Aeternity Sophia Language – Visual Studio Code Extension

Tech Talks, News

Just a quick update. We’ve created a Visual Studio code extension for Aeternity’s Sophia Language. We felt the need for […]

| February 19, 2019

How to setup our environment for developing on Ethereum

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There are lots of tutorials on the Internet for developing decentralized applications, smart contracts and write unit test with Solidity […]

| January 28, 2019

Building Voting æpp with Sophia ML on æternity blockchain

Tutorials, Tech Talks

Time is passing by and we are getting more experienced in writing smart contracts with Sophia ML language on æternity […]

| January 23, 2019

Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) — Pros and Cons

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What is an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO)? As you would guess — its similar to the traditional Initial Coin Offering (ICO), but […]

| July 16, 2018