Blockchain & Retail

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The retail industry has driven substantial change thanks to the growing demand of customers shifting to online shopping. This causes the need of creating  systems and protocols which ensures complete safety and transparency through the steps of each process to reach the end user. 

Benefits of Blockchain Technology for the Retail Industry

Customers’ demands are rapidly evolving and their expectations around delivery time, sourcing, transparency, and authenticity are changing, and blockchain is likely to play an important role in helping retailers deliver on those expectations, especially when it comes to mobile payments, supply chain, and finance applications.

Blockchain Use cases for the Retail Industry

Product Provenance – Blockchain technology facilitates end-to-end transparency regarding the source and origin of ingredients and goods. This enhances retailers’ credibility by providing consumers with verifiable information on the products they purchase.
Fraud Prevention – The ability to assign unique identifiers to each product enhances security and aids in identifying counterfeit items within the supply chain. It also helps detect and prevent fraudulent returns, bolstering the integrity of the retail process.
Accepting Payments with Cryptocurrencies – Leveraging blockchain, retailers can embrace cryptocurrency payments, offering advantages for cross-border transactions and micropayments. Smart contracts play a crucial role in enabling instant payments, automated refunds, and other streamlined financial processes. This not only broadens payment options but also enhances the efficiency of financial transactions in the retail sector.

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