Blockchain Use Cases.

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Blockchain & DeFi

Decentralized finance – often called DeFi – refers to the shift from traditional, centralized financial systems to peer-to-peer finance enabled by decentralized technologies. From lending and borrowing platforms to stablecoins and tokenized BTC, the DeFi ecosystem has launched an expansive network of integrated protocols and financial instruments. With over $41 billion worth of value locked up in DeFi contracts (as of March 2021), decentralized finance has emerged as the most active sector in the decentralized space, with a wide range of use cases for individuals and developers, and institutions.

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Blockchain & NFTs

Many experts have pointed out the potential of NFTs in shaping up the future of blockchain. As a result, they have been gaining profound attention from users as well as enthusiasts from all circles. Non-fungible tokens have a unique role in the blockchain landscape on the grounds of their uniqueness. Most important of all, NFTs have a larger significance in the context of the radical shift towards the next era of blockchain digital transformation. As enterprises slowly open up to the idea of blockchain and integrating blockchain tech in their operations, NFTs can serve as revolutionizing entities for many aspects of industries as Art, Fashion, Sports, Collectibles, and Virtual Worlds.

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Blockchain & Manufacturing

Blockchain has the potential to revolutionize how manufacturers design, engineer, make and scale their products, because blockchain builds trust, transparency, and networked verification into every record which results in greater efficiency, streamline operations, gain greater visibility into supply chains and track assets with unprecedented precision.
Blockchain can not only be a distributed system of record proving that financial transactions have taken place, but also that other types of action, such as product testing and verification in highly regulated or sensitive environments and with the promise of payments being increasingly built into the system and automated at every stage too, a long-term future in global supply chains are on its way.

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Blockchain & Retail

The major problems that blockchain tackles within the Retail Sector such as product fraud, food safety, high transaction costs, and customer’s shifting loyalty are attractive enough to involve every business in this industry. The prize is large and multi-faceted: improved transparency, reduced fraud, greater safety, heightened efficiency and, above all, enhanced customer trust.
Blockchain is a system that encourages more authentic interactions between customers and companies, promoting loyalty through transparency. Blockchain integrates with current systems to facilitate real time data, enabling better understanding of customers needs and faster transactions.

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Blockchain & Charity

As blockchain technology grows more widespread and familiar, charities, and donors alike embrace some more attractive ways to help those in need creating new means of giving, accepting and distributing donations. With its decentralized nature, complete transparency, and immutable storage of records, blockchain is a game-changer for philanthropic organizations. It can create a global ecosystem for charitable giving where the givers can easily track their donations and extract value from supporting the ones in need with tokenized assets.
With increased trust in charitable organizations, they’ll be able to provide larger donations to the causes they support. Backed by blockchain smart contracts, beneficiaries will receive the aid in the most direct way, while donors can be sure their contributions make a difference.

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Blockchain & Automotive

Blockchain, a technology famous for its application in cryptocurrencies, is being explored by automakers as a way to improve security in increasingly connected vehicles. As the average car gets closer to being fully connected, electric, and/or autonomous, there is a corresponding increase in the need of maximizing the benefit of every cutting edge technology. Over the next ten years or so, experts predict that blockchain, because of its benefits, will transform almost every industry – including automotive. Its use cases seem applicable to every aspect in the auto sector including the supply chain, financial services, manufacturing, selling and more, building trust and transparency on many levels of interaction.

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Blockchain & Gambling

Blockchain is an emerging technology that cannot be ignored, particularly in technology-based businesses like online casinos. The benefits of blockchain technology for gambling are evident, the very nature of the technology allows players to improve the fairness and transparency of online gambling. Blockchain has the potential to solve critical challenges of the casino industry in accounting, cash-in/cash-out management, security, regulation, as well as bridge the gap between online and land experiences, by providing trust, transparency, privacy and anonymity all at once.

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