Case Study: Fadroma – Revolutionizing Smart Contract Development

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HackBG has achieved remarkable progress in the field of decentralized applications, smart contract development, and blockchain-based solutions. Our services range from blockchain and smart contract development to providing essential infrastructure, tooling, and SDKs. Through collaborations with industry giants like Chainlink, Ava Labs, and Sienna, we’ve made notable strides.

Our extensive experience and collaborative success have led us to develop Fadroma, an innovative tool designed to enhance the creation of new dApps and products within the Cosmos ecosystem. This case study explores the development process, features, and technological advancements of Fadroma, establishing it as a revolutionary force in product development within the Cosmos ecosystem.

Fadroma: An Overview

Fadroma stands out as a comprehensive suite of tools designed for smart contract development, paralleling Ethereum’s Hardhat, Foundry, and Truffle. Fadroma 2.0 targets the CosmWasm ecosystem, with special support for Secret Network, offering a range of functionality to facilitate smart contract development to deployment, including advanced features such as declarative deployments and private local devnets.

Key Features and User Benefits of Fadroma

  • Comprehensive Development Cycle: Beyond supporting the entire development process of smart contracts, Fadroma simplifies complexities, making it accessible for users to test, compile, deploy and maintain with ease.
  • Advanced Deployment Tracking and Provenance Assurance: Fadroma’s deployment tracking capability provides a clear history of project evolution, crucial for establishing contract provenance and reinforcing trust in the development process.
  • Devnet Container for Privacy and Efficiency in Testing: The Devnet container feature of Fadroma facilitates local testing of contracts without deploying them on public testnets. This ensures privacy of development progress, reduces the environmental impact by minimizing uploads of test versions, and allows for comprehensive end-to-end testing for enhanced reliability.
  • Specialized Support for Tendermint-based chains that support CosmWasm chains: Fadroma’s compatibility with vanilla CosmWasm chains and modified chains like Secret Network and OKP4 opens up a realm of possibilities for users to work on a variety of blockchain projects.
  • Foundational Contracts for Practical Applications: The Domain-Specific Language minimizes the technical barrier for writing Cosmos Contracts, allowing users to focus more on their business logic.
  • Contracts Library: Fadroma is equipped with foundational contracts that address key functions like tokenization, ownership logic, math, and storage primitives, facilitating the development of comprehensive dApps. With Fadroma, users can easily access and utilize contracts library for common needs like tokenization and ownership logic. This feature is particularly beneficial for developing applications like exchange platforms that need to trace wallets with stolen or hacked funds, or for blockchain executive teams aiming to analyze and manage congested networks for more efficient maintenance.
  • Upcoming Interface for In-depth Blockchain Data Analysis: We are in the process of developing an interface that will enable extensive blockchain data analysis and visualization, further enhancing the capabilities of Fadroma.

The Development Process

HackBG has worked on Fadroma started in February 2021. The project has been developed by a team of four, using technologies like Rust, TypeScript, and JavaScript.

The Vision for Fadroma

The upcoming interface for blockchain data visualization and analysis indicates HackBG’s commitment to evolving Fadroma into an even more robust and insightful tool, akin to an extensive blockchain explorer. HackBG envisions elevating Fadroma to new heights, with plans to develop an interface for blockchain data visualization and deeper analysis. In line with this vision, HackBG remains open to collaboration and business partnerships.

Technological Innovation and Impact

Fadroma redefines the landscape of smart contract development. Its operational model treats blockchain as a seamless compute substrate, viewing contracts as persistent objects in a “post-POSIX” environment. This abstraction from traditional platform details marks a significant shift from conventional Web 2.0 backends and presents a unique proposition for running business logic with programmable privacy and transparency properties.

Leveraging CosmWasm Smart Contracts

Fadroma’s orchestration system makes it an ideal tool for leveraging the capabilities of CosmWasm smart contracts throughout their development lifecycle. Its approach to smart contracts as individually stateful entities on an append-only ledger is particularly innovative, offering a distinct advantage over traditional microservices and cloud functions.


Fadroma, by HackBG, represents a major leap forward in the realm of smart contract development. Its focus on the Cosmos ecosystem, combined with its advanced features and robust development framework, positions it as an indispensable tool for blockchain developers. As Fadroma continues to evolve, it paves the way for more innovative, efficient, and sophisticated blockchain applications, further solidifying HackBG’s role as a leader in blockchain technology development.

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