Meet Waellet – the browser extension wallet for the aeternity blockchain network

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Waellet - Aeternity blockchain
Waellet – browser extension for aeternity blockchain network

We are proud to bring to your attention a project that we have been hard working recently with the aim of making the interaction with decentralized applications (dApps) more user-friendly.

Meet Waellet

Waellet is our solution to make the interaction with the aeternity blockchain network more easy and intuitive. Our goal is to build the next generation of browser extension wallets. We have been working on the wallet for a few months already and we are grateful for the support of aeternity ventures and aeternity foundation.

The waellet extension is available in the Chrome Web Extension store.

What problem do we solve?

When the team behind MetaMask has launched in July 2016, their browser extension managed to change the perception of the users as to how a cryptocurrency wallet should be. They made a “hot wallet” allowing you to use Ethereum based dApps directly in your browser. In addition one can store, send and receive ether and ERC-20 tokens.

But as the ecosystem is growing and we have more and more chains coming into the blockchain world, we feel that from a user’s perspective it is limiting to have access to only one network at a time. It is similar to having a bank card that is allowing you to pay for services in only one currency.

We want to bring in the next step in the evolution of the browser extension wallets.

What is our solution?

Before wallets were mostly desktop applications making it very hard, user-unfriendly and unsafe to interact with the blockchain. This problem has been solved with the integration of the wallet into the browser /the browser extension wallet/.

By using the existing technology as a stepping stone we started to envision a wallet that will bring even better user experience. Gone will be the times when the user will have to switch wallets so he can interact with dApps hosted on different blockchains.

How does Waellet work?

We see Waellet as user’s first choice wallet when it comes to interacting with dApps hosted on different blockchains. Build around aeternity, Waellet is to become a tool that enables users to pay for different services without the need to worry about the network of the particular dApp – this will happen in a decentralized and cryptographic secure way through integration with the WeiDex – decentralized exchange.

Currently, Waellet is still in beta and under heavy development. Last week we on-boarded three more people to work along with Milen, pushing to bring you our best vision of the wallet as soon as possible.

You can download and try the waellet but please use with caution as we have not reached a stable release yet.

Here is a link to the Waellet GitHub repo for those of you who would like to dive into the code, raise an issue or give it a star 🙂

More updates are coming soon… Stay tuned!!!

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