Case Study: Chainlink Functions & Chainalysis Integration for Compliant On-Chain Finance

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In an era where regulatory compliance is paramount in the world of decentralized finance (DeFi), HackBG has developed a pioneering solution integrating Chainlink Functions with Chainalysis Web3 analytics data. This integration showcases the power of combining on-chain and off-chain data to ensure compliant financial transactions within blockchain protocols.

Project Overview

Integration and Functionality

  • Chainlink Functions and Chainalysis API: The core of this project lies in integrating Chainlink Functions with the Chainalysis API. This integration enables real-time compliance checks for financial transactions on the blockchain.
  • Client Vault Contract: The developed contract manages deposits and withdrawals from user wallet addresses. It incorporates a compliance check, wherein each transaction is verified for legitimacy before execution.
  • Off-chain Verification Process: A unique aspect of this project is the off-chain verification script. It processes the API call to Chainalysis, ensuring that the contract on the blockchain is updated only with verified and compliant results.

Development Process

HackBG undertook the architectural and developmental challenges of this project, focusing on creating a seamless integration between Chainlink Functions and Chainalysis API.

  • Technological Stack: The project was developed using Solidity, Hardhat and Chainlink Functions toolkit.
  • Focus on Compliance: A significant emphasis was placed on ensuring that every aspect of the contract adhered to compliance standards, particularly in relation to anti-money laundering (AML) policies and regulatory requirements.

User Benefits

  • Enhanced Security and Compliance: By integrating Chainalysis KYT (Know Your Transaction) and Address Screening, the project ensures that users’ transactions are not associated with any illicit activities, thereby maintaining a high standard of security and regulatory compliance. In simpler terms, if a recipient’s address has been blacklisted due to its involvement in a protocol hack, terrorism, or similar activities, the transaction will not be processed.
  • Automated AML Checks: The integration automates the process of AML checks, streamlining the transaction process without compromising on compliance.

The Vision for the Project

This project is envisioned as a crucial step towards creating more secure and compliant DeFi platforms. By leveraging the capabilities of Chainlink Functions and Chainalysis, we aim to provide DeFi projects with the tools they need to maintain regulatory compliance and prevent suspicious activities.

Technological Innovation and Impact

The Chainlink Functions and Chainalysis integration represents a significant technological advancement in the blockchain space. It demonstrates how DeFi projects can incorporate robust compliance mechanisms directly into their smart contracts, ensuring a higher standard of security and trust in the blockchain ecosystem.


With this integration, HackBG reaffirms its commitment to innovation in the blockchain sector, particularly in developing solutions that address key challenges such as regulatory compliance and security. This project is a testament to our ability to harness the power of blockchain technology to create safer, more reliable financial platforms that align with regulatory standards.

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