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Online gambling is a flourishing industry with its own set of bottlenecks. Trust has always been a key issue in the gambling and online casinos sector. Certain details like the payouts, winning frequencies, calculation of odds, lack of transparency in funds received, and flows in the protection of personal data are often subjects of apprehension. Furthermore, issues regarding anonymity, House Edge costs, payout processes, and security are adding up to the ambiguity of the players’ desire to participate.

Benefits of Blockchain Technology for the Gambling Industry

As a distributed database, a blockchain-based system can be used to verify and secure all sorts of digital data, including in-game history, digital items, and tokenized assets. Elimination of intermediaries like banks and the introduction of smart contracts,  has sorted out issues related to delays in the processing time of payments and withdrawal.

Additionally, Blockchain ensures transparency, because it is a decentralized system and solves the trust problems as it provides full coverage of the action records. Another great benefit is the possibility of greater consumer privacy. Its possible the players to transact without diverging their personal information.

Blockchain Use Cases in the Gambling Industry

Decentralized Payment Methods – Gambling with cryptocurrencies addresses various challenges associated with online transactions using conventional currencies. Blockchain tokens are cost-effective and offer rapid transaction processing.
Digital Identity – When registering on platforms, users can store their personal data once and utilize this universal identity across various gambling platforms.
Provable fairness – Smart contracts ensure the transparency and fairness of games, providing verifiable proof of the integrity of the gambling process.
Protection of personal data – Utilizing Zero-knowledge in the blockchain based product the provider can guarantee best security practices currently available in the digital world in protecting user’s personal data.

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