Zero-Knowledge proofs in Rust using the RISC Zero Virtual Machine

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The concept of zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs) has been getting quite popular recently, especially in the blockchain space. Despite that, they […]

| July 10, 2023

Zero-Knowledge Proofs 101

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If you have been keeping up with the trends in the crypto ecosystem you might have noticed that zero-knowledge proofs […]

| May 10, 2023

Introducing Fadroma

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Introducing Fadroma – Industrial-strength components and workflows for Cosmos smart contract development and deployment.

| February 18, 2022

Redactable blockchain… Wait, what?

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This was my reaction when I was first introduced to the topic. Although there isn’t a hot discussion surrounding the […]

| June 24, 2021

Cryptocurrencies and privacy [part 2]

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Privacy-enhancing cryptocurrencies While the previous blog post concerned itself with privacy-enhancing Bitcoin-compatible protocols, in this one we will analyze a […]

| May 11, 2021

Cryptocurrencies and privacy [part 1]

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Privacy-enhancing Bitcoin-compatible protocols Nowadays, privacy has become such an important topic within the many technologies we use in our lives […]

| April 22, 2021

Break the ice between blockchains with Cosmos network

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We are living in an interconnected world, driven by growth-oriented markets and constantly transforming businesses. Blockchain technology has the potential […]

| January 15, 2021

From zero to a fully-fledged aeternity decentralized application in less than 10 minutes

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Intro Let’s be honest and put the cards down – if you really need to build a production-ready decentralized application […]

| March 29, 2020

How to create aeternity fungible token? [tutorial]

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In this short tutorial I’ll be showing you how to create a fungible token on aeternity blockchain network. In this […]

| October 08, 2019

Waellet development update

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Its been a while since we posted about waellet. Here’s what’s been going on lately development-wise from our side: Waellet […]

| July 15, 2019