Building Voting æpp with Sophia ML on æternity blockchain

Tech Talks, Tutorials
January 23rd, 2019/ Milen Radkov

Time is passing by and we are getting more experienced in writing smart contracts with Sophia ML language on æternity blockchain. In this tutorial, I’d like to share with you a simple voting decentralized aepp solution that we’ve built during the æpps summit in Turkey, which I took part in. This was one of my […]

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How to boost your business with blockchain? [Part 2]

Blockchain and Business
January 16th, 2019/ Hristo Georgiev

In the previous post of this series on how to boost your business with blockchain, we were discussing the fundamentals of blockchain tech. If you have missed it you can find it here: How to boost your business with blockchain? Briefly speaking, we reviewed in a simplified non-technical way the core of blockchain technology and we […]

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Boost your business with blockchain

Build your first decentralized application (aepp) on Aeternity blockchain – Sophia ML smart contract – Address Book

January 10th, 2019/ Milen Radkov

Æternity blockchain is live after long period of waiting, the community is big and the core developers are top skilled. The project offers smart contracts development platform for decentralized applications dapps or how they call them – æpps. In this tutorial we are going to create a simple smart contract in Sophia ML programming language […]

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Sophia aeternity

[Part two – Unit Testing] Build a Decentralized Domain Name System (DDNS) on top of Ethereum

December 29th, 2018/ Milen Radkov

Whether you develop software yourself or hire developers to build it for you, you expect them to do everything necessary, so you can get functional and bug-free software. Sometimes, however, doing the right thing takes additional time, which is often being skipped due to all the deadlines, budget or some other reason. In blockchain development […]

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Unit Testing Decentralized Domain Name System

How to boost your business with blockchain?

Blockchain and Business
December 29th, 2018/ Hristo Georgiev

Part 1 Many business owners are asking me, what can we do with blockchain?  It is so because blockchain has become a buzzword that we hear from everywhere. Alas, few understand what really blockchain is and how they can integrate this new and fancy technology into their business. The aim of this post is to […]

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Blockchain and business

Blockchain Developers Meetup — #0x02 — Building AI-run economy on top of Smart Contracts

Events, Meet-ups
September 4th, 2018/ Milen Radkov

Hey guys! Yesterday we had our second Blockchain Developers Meetup. For those of you, who could not join us — our guest speaker was Alexander Tsankov — an young and enthusiastic blockchain engineer from New York, who was in Bulgaria in behalf of the P3C project. He presented us their implementation of “AI-run economy on top of Smart Contracts” […]

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blockchain developers meetup 02 ai run smart contracts

Blockchain Development

Distributed Ledger Technology and Blockchain Development
December 14th, 2016/ Milen Radkov

hack specializes in development of private and public blockchain networks as well as development of smart contracts and decentralized applications (dapps).

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