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Since HackWasm 2023, we’ve been working on bringing version 1.0 of @fadroma/cw 1.0 to the wider CosmWasm community.

  • During the hackathon, we confirmed the need for a general purpose CosmWasm client module in Fadroma.
  • On September 30, powered by the OKP4 Nemeton Builders Program, we released @fadroma/cw 0.6.0 — the first beta of our support package for CosmWasm-enabled chains other than Secret Network.
  • Today, we’re pleased to announce pre-release versions of the packages constituting Fadroma 2.0 with native support for all CosmWasm-chains — starting from OKP4.

Released packages

We have published the following release candidate builds:

  • @fadroma/agent 2.0.0-rc.7 (NPM, GitHub)
    The second generation of the unified Agent API.
  • @fadroma/cw 1.0.0-rc.5 (NPM, GitHub)
    Implementation of Fadroma Agent API with CosmJS stargate. Adds support for CosmWasm-enabled chains other than Secret Network.
  • @fadroma/scrt 11.0.0-rc.5 (NPM, GitHub)
    Brings the latest features of the Fadroma Agent API v2 to our long-standing support for Secret Network. (Not a typo — really goes to 11!)
  • @hackbg/fadroma 2.0.0-rc.12 (NPM, GitHub)
    The new version of our main package has shed some weight! The following service packages are now published separately, reducing the coupling between client functionality and deploy services.
  • @fadroma/create 1.0.0-rc.2 (NPM, GitHub)
    The project setup tool is now versioned separately.

Packages to be released

Expect stable (non-rc) versions of the above, plus:

  • @fadroma/compile (GitHub)
    This package provides a containerized Rust compiler, and exposes a CLI for compiling smart contracts in an isolated, target-appropriate environment.
  • @fadroma/devnets (GitHub)
    This package provides containerized nodes of Secret Network 1.2–1.9 and OKP4 5.0 for integration testing and local development, and exposes a CLI for managing them.

Deprecation notice

The following package has been deprecated:

  • @fadroma/connect
    With the native services being split off into as separate packages, the role of “client-side hub package” (which @fadroma/connect previously fulfilled) is now taken up by @hackbg/fadroma. The @fadroma/connect package will therefore be deprecated.

And more goodies

The Toolbox repository contains a host of various small general purpose support libraries that make Fadroma possible. Some of the packages that were upgraded during this release cycle include:

  • @hackbg/ensuite 1.5.3 (NPM, GitHub), a tiny, no-nonsense alternative to Jest for modern asynchronous JavaScript, allowing for coverage reporting (with c8), JIT TS execution (with @hackbg/ganesha), and selection of test suite/case.
  • @hackbg/ubik 2.0.8 (NPM, GitHub), our recast-based AST multitool, which makes it possibe to publish well-formed, ESM-compatible NPM packages from TypeScript — such as @hackbg/secretjs-esm and @hackbg/cosmjs-esm.

This is just the beginning

This post is just a preliminary heads-up to let you begin to get hyped! As we stabilize Fadroma 2.0, prepare for a full release announcement detailing what has changed and how to get started with the new, multi-chain Fadroma!

In the meantime, you can follow the progress on v2.0 stable at this GitHub pull request.

Stay tuned!

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Sneak peek: somebody’s Secret Network project, as seen by the Fadroma Visualizer

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