Blockchain Developers Meetup 0x06 – Jump Oriented Programming in Ethereum Smart Contract

Events, Meet-ups
January 31st, 2019/ Milen Radkov

Hey you, fellow blockchain developer. If you’ve missed out our 0x06 monthly meetup which happened last week (22.01.2019) – here is some interesting stuff for you to catch up. What happened recently As always we discussed what interesting happened from developers perspective during the month. We got out focus on the last minute postponed Constantinople […]

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Blockchain Developers Meetup - 0x06 Jump Oriented Programming in Ethereum Smart Contract

How to setup our environment for developing on Ethereum

Tech Talks, Tutorials
January 28th, 2019/ Milen Radkov

There are lots of tutorials on the Internet for developing decentralized applications, smart contracts and write unit test with Solidity on the Ethereum blockchain. Including a few of our own, for that matter. BUT a large part of them lack the initial environment setup, that is needed for someone just arriving in the blockchain space […]

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[Part two – Unit Testing] Build a Decentralized Domain Name System (DDNS) on top of Ethereum

December 29th, 2018/ Milen Radkov

Whether you develop software yourself or hire developers to build it for you, you expect them to do everything necessary, so you can get functional and bug-free software. Sometimes, however, doing the right thing takes additional time, which is often being skipped due to all the deadlines, budget or some other reason. In blockchain development […]

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Unit Testing Decentralized Domain Name System

How to boost your business with blockchain?

Blockchain and Business
December 29th, 2018/ Hristo Georgiev

Part 1 Many business owners are asking me, what can we do with blockchain?  It is so because blockchain has become a buzzword that we hear from everywhere. Alas, few understand what really blockchain is and how they can integrate this new and fancy technology into their business. The aim of this post is to […]

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Blockchain and business

[Part one – Smart Contracts] Build a Decentralized Domain Name System (DDNS) on top of Ethereum

November 30th, 2018/ Milen Radkov

Intro Nowadays it is quite popular to build a decentralized application (dApp). If you are familiar with the blockchain smart contracts development and you’ve already developed something cool, probably there is no need for me to tell you that in this field the demand for good developers is quite high. But for you to be […]

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Blockchain Developers Meetup Bulgaria- #0x04 — Introduction to Solidity Assembly

Events, Meet-ups
November 9th, 2018/ Hristo Georgiev

Four months had passed since the kick off of our awesome blockchain developers meetup. So far we’ve had very good speakers and topics. Moreover, we are happy to see new faces in the rows and to see our community growing. This time we had a small technical issue, the youtube live stream crashed a few […]

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At the Web3 Summit in Berlin

Apperances, Events
October 25th, 2018/ Milen Radkov

We were attending at the first Web3 Summit in Berlin (22.10. — 24.10.). Web3 is a gathering for developers, researchers and cryptoanarchists to collaborate on a more free, more functional, and more user friendly Web3. The Web3 Foundation nurtures and stewards technologies and applications in the fields of decentralized web software protocols, particularly those which utilize modern cryptographic […]

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Blockchain Developers Meetup #0x03 — LiveCoding Workshop

Events, Meet-ups
October 3rd, 2018/ Milen Radkov

Another month has passed away and the time for our next meetup has come. Yesterday we were gathered for the third Blockchain Developers Meetup in our community. This time we’ve tried another format of conducting these meetups — The first part — a brief summary about the recent news in the blockchain space — new forks that are coming, […]

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blockchain developers meetup 03 - livecoding workshop

hack team was at the NextBlock Conference

Apperances, Events
September 18th, 2018/ Milen Radkov

The conference Last Friday (14.09) in Sofia, Bulgaria at the National Palace of Culture was happening one of the biggest blockchain conferences — Next Block Conference, organised by KryptonEvents. There were a lots of great speakers, some of the most influential people in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space, presenting and participating in the discussion panels. Some of […]

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