0x0f. Introduction to Hyperledger Sawtooth [Blockchain Developers Meetup]

Events, Meet-ups
November 20th, 2019/

On our last monthly blockchain developers meetup, we had Arian van Eersel introducing us to Hyperledger Sawtooth. The date of our meetup this time was also very interesting – the 11th anniversary since the first Bitcoin whitepaper was released on 31.10.2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto. Developers Update As usual, we started with the latest developers update […]

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Blockchain Developers Meetup 15

Aeternity Universe One – our experience

Apperances, Events, Meet-ups
October 12th, 2019/

Aeternity Universe One was the first bigger conference organised by aeternity blockchain gathering hundreds of blockchain developers, researchers and entrepreneurs. It took part in Prague on the 20-21 September in the cool venues Paralelni Polis and La Fabrika. Starting with the hackathon An open hackathon will be organized on September 14-15, during the weekend before […]

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Aeternity Universe One - our experience 1

0x0e. Building dApps on top of DeFi (Decentralized Finance) – Blockchain Developers Meetup

Events, Meet-ups
September 30th, 2019/

We are deeply moved by our last night meetup and the possibilities that have been discussed on what can be built on top of existing decentralized finance applications. I will try my best to summarise the informative and inspiring talk of our guest speaker Tito Titov from WeiDex for those of you who have missed […]

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0x0e. Building dApps on top of DeFi (Decentralized Finance) - Blockchain Developers Meetup 2

0x0d. Accepting Bitcoin – the right way [Blockchain Dev Meetup]

Events, Meet-ups
September 2nd, 2019/

Our blockchain developers meetup went as usual on the last Thursday of the month. Feel free to stop by next time if you are a world traveler, freelance developer interested in blockchain and willing to share our passion. You would easily find us in our event partner’s location, Premium Coworking Space Sofia. After 12 consecutive […]

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Blockchain Developers Meetup - Accepting Bitcoin the right way

Berlin Blockchain Week 2019 – Summarized

Apperances, Events, Meet-ups
August 29th, 2019/

Blockchain Technology is getting more attention In this (hopefully) short post, I’ll try to summarize the most interesting things we dove into or were part of while at Berlin Blockchain Week 2019. The week was full of events, workshops, meetups, conferences, talks, discussions and different panels, as well as based on our experience lots of […]

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Berlin Blockchain Week 2019 - Summarized

0x0c. whoami && man myproject [Blockchain Developers Meetup birthday]

Events, Meet-ups
August 8th, 2019/

Last week was our Blockchain Developers Meetup 12th gathering which made it our meetup’s birthday. We’ve been organizing this meetup for a year now, and we wanted to dedicate this meetup for you – our community. That’s why we named it whoami && man myproject (linux/unix guys will understand me) to give the stage to […]

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Blockchain Developers Meetup 12

0x0b. Building Decentralized Autonomous Organizations [Blockchain Dev Meetup]

Events, Meet-ups
July 9th, 2019/

What you’ve missed on our last meetup? Last week we had the eleventh Blockchain Developers Meetup in Sofia. As usual we had our news digest right after the begining. This time we had lots of blockchain development news to cover both from Ethereum space as well as Aeternity ecosystem and last but not least the […]

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0x0b. Building Decentralized Autonomous Organizations [Blockchain Dev Meetup] 3

0x0a. Confidential transactions with zkSNARKs [Blockchain Developers Meetup]

Events, Meet-ups
June 5th, 2019/

After a recent talk Milen had on Zero Knowledge Proofs in front of the Bulgarian developers community, we decided to dive deeper into this topic and discuss further on our monthly meetup how on-chain confidential transactions could be achieved using zero knowledge protocols. So last week on our 10th Blockchain Developers Meetup we did that. […]

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Blockchain Developers Meetup 10 - Confidential Transactions with zkSNARKs

Tips, tricks, and best approaches for developing decentralized applications – 0x09. [Blockchain Developers Meetup]

May 2nd, 2019/

Last week we had our monthly blockchain developers meetup. This time we were focusing more on the best approaches, tips and tricks for gas optimisation and best practices and architectures when developing decentralized applications. Our focus was mostly on Ethereum’s Solidity and EVM since most people of our community are familiar with it. Developers News […]

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tips tricks and best approaches developing decentralized applications

Cumulus tool for Substrate and GRANDPA in-depth – 04. [Sofia Polkadot]

Meet-ups, Events
April 1st, 2019/

The time has come for our fourth Polkadot Sofia Meetup. This time the meetup took place in a new cozy venue – Networking Premium Coworking, and hopefully the recording will be better. We looked over Cumulus – a tool set for easier development of parachains with Substrate. It’s easy to write blockchains using Substrate, and […]

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