0x0c. whoami && man myproject [Blockchain Developers Meetup birthday]

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Last week was our Blockchain Developers Meetup 12th gathering which made it our meetup’s birthday.

Blockchain Developers Meetup 12 - Birthday
Blockchain Developers Meetup 12 – Birthday

We’ve been organizing this meetup for a year now, and we wanted to dedicate this meetup for you – our community.

Our great community of blockchain developers

That’s why we named it whoami && man myproject (linux/unix guys will understand me) to give the stage to all the cool people in our community to share whatever they want to share to the rest – what brought them to the blockchain space, what project are they currently BUIDLing or working on or what is their next blockchain adventure. We wanted to have an event that will celebrate the growth of our community, and bring value for those participating in it. So we decided to gather in a casual meetup with more social interaction and networking.

Blockchain Developers Meetup 12

It was party time, and parties are always much more fun with more people, so this time we decided we had a joint event together with Sofia Crypto Meetup.

It is vacations season but still, we counted more than 30+ people, which made it a great first-year birthday. Thank you and thank our great host from Networking Premium Coworking spaces which were not only hosting us but prepared balloons and decoration for the party.

P.S. Its not a developers meetup without pizzas, chips, beers, and pickles.

Blockchain Developers Meetup 12
Blockchain Developers Meetup 12

And last but not least, as promised at the event opening, I’m sharing a list of blockchain developers news and updates for the month:

Blockchain Developers Digest


  • Ethereum 4 years birthday – the anniversary of the genesis block
  • Client releases
    • Geth v1.9.1
    • Ethereum on ARM: new NanoPC-T4 and Raspberry Pi images with new supported devices and Prysmatic Eth2 client and VIPnode support
  • Developers related
    • Solidity’s SMTchecker now supports multi-transaction checks and unbounded loops
    • web3js stable release. Breaking changes go into v2
    • Truffle v5.0.29 with stable web3js
    • Vyper v0.1.0-beta.11
    • Provable (Oraclize) OpenZeppelin starter kit. Previously Zepkit, Zeppelin is rebranding all products under OpenZeppelin.
    • Turn any deployed Eth code into a REST API from Fabrx
    • MetaMask Mobile is out in beta
    • ProgPoW is back into Istanbul (pending audit results) because the audit is back on.
    • Ropsten Istanbul fork now scheduled for September 4th.


  • Waellet now supports fungible tokens
  • Aeternity SDK JS v4.2.0 update
  • Base-app mobile – fixes and improvements
  • ForgAE – shape and more.

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Milen Radkov has experience building and delivering successful complex software systems and projects for both big enterprises and small startups. Being actively developing across different blockchain protocols, platforms and projects for the past 5 years, he has gained extensive experience in blockchain development, architectures, consensus algorithms and token economics. Milen is a well-known figure in the blockchain space.

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