0x0f. Introduction to Hyperledger Sawtooth [Blockchain Developers Meetup]

Events, Meet-ups

On our last monthly blockchain developers meetup, we had Arian van Eersel introducing us to Hyperledger Sawtooth. The date of […]

Milen | November 20, 2019

Aeternity Universe One – our experience

Apperances, Events, Meet-ups

Aeternity Universe One was the first bigger conference organised by aeternity blockchain gathering hundreds of blockchain developers, researchers and entrepreneurs. […]

Milen | October 12, 2019

How to create aeternity fungible token? [tutorial]

Tech Talks, Tutorials

In this short tutorial I’ll be showing you how to create a fungible token on aeternity blockchain network. In this […]

Milen | October 08, 2019

0x0e. Building dApps on top of DeFi (Decentralized Finance) – Blockchain Developers Meetup

Events, Meet-ups

We are deeply moved by our last night meetup and the possibilities that have been discussed on what can be […]

Hristo | September 30, 2019

0x0d. Accepting Bitcoin – the right way [Blockchain Dev Meetup]

Events, Meet-ups

Our blockchain developers meetup went as usual on the last Thursday of the month. Feel free to stop by next […]

Hristo | September 02, 2019

Berlin Blockchain Week 2019 – Summarized

Apperances, Events, Meet-ups

Blockchain Technology is getting more attention In this (hopefully) short post, I’ll try to summarize the most interesting things we […]

Milen | August 29, 2019

Blockchain in Real Estate

Blockchain and Business

Background (what is blockchain) Blockchain is notably the biggest technological innovation after the Internet. If you are a novice to […]

Hristo | August 28, 2019

0x0c. whoami && man myproject [Blockchain Developers Meetup birthday]

Events, Meet-ups

Last week was our Blockchain Developers Meetup 12th gathering which made it our meetup’s birthday. We’ve been organizing this meetup […]

Milen | August 08, 2019

hack – Blockchain Development Company joins forces with BlockRocket


BlockRocket and their mission BLOCKROCKET provides a state of the art ecosystem that helps startups, corporates, and investors to leverage […]

Milen | August 07, 2019

Blockchain in Insurance, the power to improve!

Blockchain and Business

We have discussed widely in our previous articles the fundamentals of Blockchain. In short, blockchain can serve to build trust, […]

Hristo | July 24, 2019