We at hack are very passionate about blockchain and distributed ledger technologies and are very happy to share our knowledge. This is our contribution towards growing the community and the whole ecosystem of developers in the blockchain space.

Events we organize

Blockchain Developers Meetup

Blockchain Developers Bulgaria

A monthly event in Sofia where everyone is free to participate in the discussions, workshops, and talks we are organizing.

We are focusing only on the development side of blockchain technology. As a tradition, we are starting every single event of ours with a quick 10-15m blockchain developers digest – informative summary of what recently happened in the blockchain space development wise.

As for the second part of our meetup we are focusing on showcasing projects, creating interactive workshops and forming great discussions in topics such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Aeternity, NEO, EOS networks as well as more complex and philosophical ones like state channels, payment channels, blockchain scalability, interoperability, blockchain technology adoption and usability.

Sofia Polkadot Meetup

Polkadot Sofia

As the name speaks for itself – this monthly meetup is focused solely on Polkadot.

Polkadot is currently the one solution aiming and really having the ability to bring interoperability between different blockchains using the so-called Bridges and Parachains.

Our meetups are consisted of discussions, talks and workshops regarding Polkadot and Substrate framework for developing blockchains. Discussions about the difference between Smart Contracts and Parachains and the economics behind Polkadot.