How to run your own Aeternity node on Amazon AWS

Tutorials, Tech Talks
March 26th, 2019/

Hey there, So you are new to aeternity blockchain and want to run a node of your own, but you don’t have powerful enough hardware or you don’t want to bully your laptop. After thinking a while you decide to run it on an Amazon AWS VPS instance, but you are not sure how to […]

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Parachains and Smart Contracts – 03. [Sofia Polkadot]

Events, Meet-ups
February 28th, 2019/

Time goes by and this week we have reached the time for our 3rd Polkadot meetup. We are always happy to share with our community cutting edge technologies and best practices when using specific tools and protocols. Parachains and Smart Contracts This time the focus was on parachains and more specifically how they differ from […]

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Parachains and smart contracts

0x07. Aeternity Sophia ML workshop – [Blockchain Developers Meetup]

Meet-ups, Events, Tech Talks
February 21st, 2019/

Hey guys, Yesterday we had our 7th Blockchain Developers Meetup this time dedicated to Aeternity’s Sophia smart contract language. For those of you who couldn’t attend or miss it – here is a brief summary of what we discussed and what we covered, also all of the resources. Blockchain developers digest As usual we’ve started […]

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Aeternity Sophia Language – Visual Studio Code Extension

Tech Talks, News
February 19th, 2019/

Just a quick update. We’ve created a Visual Studio code extension for Aeternity’s Sophia Language. We felt the need for this, after having to write some Sophia smart contracts in visual studio code. After searching a while, we didn’t find anything released nor developed yet in regards to helping to highlight the code or show […]

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Aeternity Sophia Language Visual Studio Code Extension

Blockchain Developers Meetup 0x06 – Jump Oriented Programming in Ethereum Smart Contract

Events, Meet-ups
January 31st, 2019/

Hey you, fellow blockchain developer. If you’ve missed out our 0x06 monthly meetup which happened last week (22.01.2019) – here is some interesting stuff for you to catch up. What happened recently As always we discussed what interesting happened from developers perspective during the month. We got out focus on the last minute postponed Constantinople […]

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Blockchain Developers Meetup - 0x06 Jump Oriented Programming in Ethereum Smart Contract

How to setup our environment for developing on Ethereum

Tutorials, Tech Talks
January 28th, 2019/

There are lots of tutorials on the Internet for developing decentralized applications, smart contracts and write unit test with Solidity on the Ethereum blockchain. Including a few of our own, for that matter. BUT a large part of them lack the initial environment setup, that is needed for someone just arriving in the blockchain space […]

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Polkadot Sofia Meetup #02 – Recent Development

Meet-ups, Events
January 25th, 2019/

Dear blockchain fellows, with the kick off of the new year we continue our tradition to deliver interesting, informative and pragmatic content to all of you. Our goal to showcase innovative blockchain technologies led us to the 2nd special Polkadot Sofia meetup that happened earlier this week (21.01.2019). We were honored to have Ivo from […]

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Polkadot Sofia Meetup #02 - Recent Development 1

Building Voting æpp with Sophia ML on æternity blockchain

Tutorials, Tech Talks
January 23rd, 2019/

Time is passing by and we are getting more experienced in writing smart contracts with Sophia ML language on æternity blockchain. In this tutorial, I’d like to share with you a simple voting decentralized aepp solution that we’ve built during the æpps summit in Turkey, which I took part in. This was one of my […]

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Building Voting æpp with Sophia ML on æternity blockchain 2

Build your first decentralized application (aepp) on Aeternity blockchain – Sophia ML smart contract – Address Book

January 10th, 2019/

Æternity blockchain is live after long period of waiting, the community is big and the core developers are top skilled. The project offers smart contracts development platform for decentralized applications dapps or how they call them – æpps. In this tutorial we are going to create a simple smart contract in Sophia ML programming language […]

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Sophia aeternity

[Part two – Unit Testing] Build a Decentralized Domain Name System (DDNS) on top of Ethereum

December 29th, 2018/

Whether you develop software yourself or hire developers to build it for you, you expect them to do everything necessary, so you can get functional and bug-free software. Sometimes, however, doing the right thing takes additional time, which is often being skipped due to all the deadlines, budget or some other reason. In blockchain development […]

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Unit Testing Decentralized Domain Name System