Crypto Games Meetup

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Last week we were invited to talk at the first Crypto Games Meetup in Sofia. The event was hosted on […]

Milen | July 17, 2019

Waellet development update

Tech Talks

Its been a while since we posted about waellet. Here’s what’s been going on lately development-wise from our side: Waellet […]

Milen | July 15, 2019

0x0b. Building Decentralized Autonomous Organizations [Blockchain Dev Meetup]

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What you’ve missed on our last meetup? Last week we had the eleventh Blockchain Developers Meetup in Sofia. As usual […]

Milen | July 09, 2019

0x0a. Confidential transactions with zkSNARKs [Blockchain Developers Meetup]

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After a recent talk Milen had on Zero Knowledge Proofs in front of the Bulgarian developers community, we decided to […]

Milen | June 05, 2019

BUIDLing on Aeternity – workshop at WeAreDevelopers

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Experience State Channel Technology First-Hand—Join the æternity Development Crash Course! Developed by some of the most well-known Erlang engineers in […]

Milen | May 24, 2019

Tips, tricks, and best approaches for developing decentralized applications – 0x09. [Blockchain Developers Meetup]


Last week we had our monthly blockchain developers meetup. This time we were focusing more on the best approaches, tips […]

Milen | May 02, 2019

WeAreDevelopers tickets winners


Last month, we’ve announced that we’ve partnered with WeAreDevelopers for this year’s edition of the Congress. We had 2 tickets […]

Milen | May 02, 2019

The Dronathon

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Last week Milen Radkov was co-organizing and jurying The Dronathon – supply chain hackathon with drones and blockchain, and also […]

Milen | April 27, 2019

Cumulus tool for Substrate and GRANDPA in-depth – 04. [Sofia Polkadot]

Meet-ups, Events

The time has come for our fourth Polkadot Sofia Meetup. This time the meetup took place in a new cozy […]

Milen | April 01, 2019

hack partners with WeAreDevelopers

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The most important value of our developer community are the people like you, the ones reading this article and the […]

Milen | March 26, 2019