Blockchain and Business
February 11th, 2019/

How to determine and what are the milestones? This post is part of our blockchain and business series. But before we continue, let’s first recap what topics we have covered till now.  In the previous posts, we have viewed briefly what is blockchain (from an oversimplified nontechnical perspective) and how your business can profit from […]

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ICO or STO - 7 steps to success

How to boost your business with blockchain? [Part 2]

Blockchain and Business
January 16th, 2019/

In the previous post of this series on how to boost your business with blockchain, we were discussing the fundamentals of blockchain tech. If you have missed it you can find it here: How to boost your business with blockchain? Briefly speaking, we reviewed in a simplified non-technical way the core of blockchain technology and we […]

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Boost your business with blockchain

How to boost your business with blockchain?

Blockchain and Business
December 29th, 2018/

Part 1 Many business owners are asking me, what can we do with blockchain?  It is so because blockchain has become a buzzword that we hear from everywhere. Alas, few understand what really blockchain is and how they can integrate this new and fancy technology into their business. The aim of this post is to […]

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Blockchain and business

Blockchain Developers Meetup Bulgaria- #0x04  - Introduction to Solidity Assembly

Events, Meet-ups
November 9th, 2018/

Four months had passed since the kick off of our awesome blockchain developers meetup. So far we’ve had very good speakers and topics. Moreover, we are happy to see new faces in the rows and to see our community growing. This time we had a small technical issue, the youtube live stream crashed a few […]

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