0x08. Introduction to Tron [Blockchain Developers Meetup]

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Milen Radkov talking about recent developments in blockchain space

8th Blockchain Developers Meetup

Earlier this week we had our 8th Blockchain Developers Meetup. Thanks to all the people that came and our awesome guest Rali Ralev from WeiDex we had not only learned cool stuff about Tron but also have had a lot of fun.

It was by far the funniest and maybe most interactive meetup that we have ever had. I encourage you, future guest and speakers, to be more involved in the meetups, as they are not ours but yours 🙂

Our goal is to fill these community events with moments of sharing and learning but also make them cozy and fun. At the end of the day, we are all in the same boat, struggling with the same problems and fighting the same monsters 🙂

But let me tell you what have you missed beside the fun if you did not manage to come.

Blockchain Developers News Digest

At the first part we had our CEO Milen Radkov made a quick tour of relevant developers news.

Milen started with a last minute call to all teams to update their Infura legacy keys before they die on the 27th of March. It turned out to be a useful warning as some devs have missed this incoming major update. Along with the legacy keys, Infura users will benefit after the update from new API Security section that could be found in the dashboard. Infura is also promising premium services coming up soon after the update. So stay tuned.

Next, we learned about Embark 4.0

For those of you unfamiliar with what Embark is :

  • Framework by Status
  • Out of beta and ready for developers
  • Including Cockpit – An intuitive Web Interface
    • Dashboard – provides an overview of all processes controlled by Embark (interact with Ethereum, IPFS, ENS, Whisper)
    • Blockchain explorer
    • Iterative Deployer – enables selective deployment of smart contracts to any network
    • Code editor – contracts even get redeployed as changes are saved
  • Integrated debugger – easy way to debug contracts by displaying solidity source codes lines where a transaction failed

Milen shared with us the novelties in Truffle v5.0.9 including new multi-chain infrastructure that enables basic Quorum support and debugger improvements.

We did not miss to mention about the Ganache v2.0 – Chocolate Birthday Cake ?

bringing in:

  • New features
    • Workspaces – save your development blockchains in workspaces
    • Contract State Decoding
    • Event Decoding – events that have fired during this chain’s life
  • New options
    • Hardfork- option to change the hardfork. Possible options are: Petersburg, Constantinople, and Byzantium.

Another worth mentioning news was the release of Peter Tsankov’s team of ChainSecuriy – Soltix. Soltix is a scalable framework for automated testing of Solidity compilers allowing us to test Solidity compiler and EVM automatically. How cool is this?

And lastly Milen spoke about the shutting down of Mist and the release of the alpha version of the Playground – for generalized state channels built with the Counterfactual framework.

Before we proceed with Rali’s presentation we took time to announce our recent partnership with WeAreDevelopers world congress and to share with the community the perks we get from it. You can find out more information on how you can compete to win 2 tickets for the Congress.

And this is where the fun starts. Rali has prepared to introduce us to the Tron network.

We looked at what is Tron and how the Tron protocol is working. Rali covered also the types of Nodes, the Governance mechanism, how one can write Tron Smart Contracts and Tools you can use to help you in your development process.

You can watch the whole recording of the meetup here:

Introduction to Tron – 0x08 [Blockchain Developers Meetup]

Thank you, Rali, and thanks to all of you who attended and to those of you who read this post till the end!


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