Blockchain in Gaming

Blockchain and Business
June 24th, 2019/

In previous articles, we have discussed the fundamentals of blockchain technology. In this article, we are going to explore the benefits of blockchain technology in the gaming industry. Gaming in numbers As per recent reports, the gaming market currently represents the largest segment of the global digital content industry (bigger than movie and music industries […]

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Blockchain in Gaming | Best Blockchain Use Cases

Meet Waellet – the browser extension wallet for the aeternity blockchain network

Tech Talks
June 14th, 2019/

We are proud to bring to your attention a project that we have been hard working recently with the aim of making the interaction with decentralized applications (dApps) more user-friendly. Meet Waellet Waellet is our solution to make the interaction with the aeternity blockchain network more easy and intuitive. Our goal is to build the […]

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Waellet - Aeternity blockchain

Blockchain in Healthcare

Blockchain and Business
May 17th, 2019/

Blockchain’s Best Use Cases What is blockchain? Blockchain is a digital ledger keeping a record of all transactions in chronological order. Additionally, it is immutable and transparent. In some of our previous articles, we have looked in details into the tech behind and the idea of blockchain. Following the series of blockchain’s best use cases […]

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Disrupting industries with blockchain technology - best use cases - blockchain in healthcare

Blockchain in Supply Chain

Blockchain and Business
May 5th, 2019/

Blockchain’s Best Use Case Series Inspired by a recent event, the Dronathon that we have co-organized with Premium CoWorking Space in Sofia we decided to shed some light on the role of blockchain in Supply Chain. The Problem Supply chain professionals have responded that visibility, inventory management, salles coordination among others are the biggest challanges […]

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Blockchain in Supply chain - Blockchain best use case series

Are IEO’s really worth the hype?

Blockchain and Business
April 24th, 2019/

What is IEO? As the name suggests – an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) is a token sale event conducted using cryptocurrency exchange’s infrastructure. The sale is administered by the exchange, on behalf of the team. IEOs are getting more and more attention, both from business teams and investors. But are they really the right solution […]

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blockchain based crowdfunding models

Blockchain in Finance

Blockchain and Business
April 12th, 2019/

Blockchain’s Best Use Case Series “ Blockchain Will Do to the Financial System What the Internet Did to Media.” Harvard Business Review “One of the most discussed topics in the financial services industry today is blockchain technology“. Deloitte Why is there so much talk around blockchain? In our previous articles, we discussed what is blockchain […]

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Blockchain in finance - Best blockchain use cases

0x08. Introduction to Tron [Blockchain Developers Meetup]

Events, Meet-ups
March 28th, 2019/

Earlier this week we had our 8th Blockchain Developers Meetup. Thanks to all the people that came and our awesome guest Rali Ralev from WeiDex we had not only learned cool stuff about Tron but also have had a lot of fun.

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Tezos decentralized voting

Tech Talks
March 22nd, 2019/

What it is and how it works? Recently Tezos protocol had concluded a historic first voting round for upgrade proposals. The participants in the votes (the so-called “bakers”) had the possibility to chose between 2 proposals. Athens A and Athens B. But before we look into the process in details let’s first say few words […]

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The future of blockchain

Blog, Blockchain and Business
March 20th, 2019/

The era of a programmable economy In our previous articles, we discussed what is blockchain and how to boost your business using blockchain. In this article, we would look into the future. Being at the forefront of technology, where change is happening, we are witnessing history with our eyes. While some believe that blockchain is […]

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digital economy in blockchain


Blockchain and Business
February 11th, 2019/

How to determine and what are the milestones? This post is part of our blockchain and business series. But before we continue, let’s first recap what topics we have covered till now.  In the previous posts, we have viewed briefly what is blockchain (from an oversimplified nontechnical perspective) and how your business can profit from […]

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ICO or STO - 7 steps to success