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Every blockchain business nowadays is struggling with development force both in quantity and quality. The emergence of new and fresh L1 blockchain ecosystems is causing this need to grow at a rapid rate.

Following the principles of free-economy markets – academies are trying to fulfil the need. Like schools and other education-related institutions. Though academies nowadays have become a tool, as back in the industrial revolution, for the corporations to “educate” the masses. But just enough so “students” can fill a gap in the corporation’s needs. Often the business model is freemium – lock-in forces one to join and work for a certain company after. Otherwise, they need to pay for the education.

We don’t want to make you cluelessly specialise, develop and waste your time for a certain platform, because that is what we need or benefit from.

We want to break the status quo so we approach this differently.


Information across the vast Internet is quantitively enormous and hard to find if the quality is good. So if one is willing to put their time where their mouth is and spend some of that valuable resource of theirs to improve their skill set – they can do it themselves entirely.

We won’t hide the fact that our educational efforts funding comes from a for-profit entity as well – the service company we run, but we value people and we believe they are not just robots part of the bigger machine so we won’t implement tricky lock-in/freemium business models.

We want to take a different approach to blockchain education!

Rather than doing it for-profit, we do it non-profit. We believe the benefits will come as a byproduct of your contributions to the ecosystem and help shape this new world economy and order.

What we want to stress on is the technology!

There is a big misconception in the space where a bunch of different titles are flying around not allowing the untrained eye to spot what the difference is. If you’re to become a Blockchain Developer, Web3 Full-Stack Developer, Smart Contract Developer as a more niche subset of the general term Software Developer/Engineer.

What do you develop?

  • Blockchains:
    • peer to peer networks;
    • distributed databases;
    • consensus protocols;
    • sdks and dev tools.
  • Smart contracts:
    • Solidity (Ethereum and other EVM blockchains);
    • CosmWasm (Cosmos ecosystem);
    • Substrate (Polkadot ecosystem);
    • Other ecosystems which utilise different languages and tech-stacks in their smart contracting platforms.
  • Utilities:
    • tools;
    • wallets;
    • explorers.

Full disclosure – we don’t have a predefined curriculum set in stone.

Instead, we will:

  • Start from the theory and foundations.;
  • Share our practical experience developing on each of the layers (listed above) for the major platforms and our best understanding of the underlying technology.
  • We’ll dive hands on implementing interesting ideas and discussing problems ranging from technical limitations, privacy implications and crypto-economical incentives alignment.

Hop on board and discover the decentralised lands! –

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About the author:


Milen Radkov has experience building and delivering successful complex software systems and projects for both big enterprises and small startups. Being actively developing across different blockchain protocols, platforms and projects for the past 5 years, he has gained extensive experience in blockchain development, architectures, consensus algorithms and token economics. Milen is a well-known figure in the blockchain space.

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