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hack.bg — Blockchain and Web Software Solutions — we bring ideas to life

hack.bg ltd is a blockchain, mobile and web software development agency founded and headquartered in Sofia, Bulgaria.

Our team consists of young (but very skillful and experienced) and passionate software engineers and blockchain developers, thriving on top-notch technology. We’ve handled every single phase of software life cycle — from creating a technical requirement to final production implementation and support.

We at hack love innovation and new disruptive technologies — that’s why we always try to keep up with the new best development practices in the software technology so that we provide high quality and efficient services to our clients worldwide. We always put great emphasis on our services and attention to all the little details.

The services we offer are mainly focused on:

  1. Decentralized Applications development
  2. Blockchain development (Public / Private)
  3. Initial Coin Offerings (development, audit, advisory)
  4. Smart Contracts development and audit
  5. Custom web software solutions that fits the business requirements
  6. Complex websites and web applications — content managament systems (CMS), ERP and CRM solutions.
  7. Mobile applications (both for iOS and Android)

The full list of our services could be found at our website at https://hack.bg/#services

If you have a great idea — we’ll love to hear your vision . We have the skills to make it a reality . Get in touch with us at hello@hack.bg.

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Milen Radkov has experience building and delivering successful complex software systems and projects for both big enterprises and small startups. Being actively developing across different blockchain protocols, platforms and projects for the past 5 years, he has gained extensive experience in blockchain development, architectures, consensus algorithms and token economics. Milen is a well-known figure in the blockchain space.

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