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Prepare for takeoff

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(pictured: how it feels to leave Telegram)

It’s hard to believe that the fun and enlightening experience that was AwesomWasm/HackWasm Berlin 2023 took place scarcely over a month ago.

We got to see for ourselves how the vibrant CosmWasm ecosystem— on whose periphery we set up camp all the way back in January 2021— verifiably exists on the material plane: as a fascinating community of brilliant people from diverse cultures.

This series of posts is meant to start a conversation that we’ve been looking forward to for some time: to reflect our experiences as builders; to solicit your business as well as your advice; and to propose a technical way forward to achieve eventual ubiquitous CosmWasm.

Hey, we didn’t name this thing after a bulldozer for nothin’!

Topics that we intend to broach with the developer community and core team include:

  • Smart contract APIs and frameworks: is there such a thing as the One True Framework — and, if so, what will be the fate of all the others once it materializes;
  • What comes after smart contracts: integrating contract-based systems in the wider Web world for fun and profit — and why nobody is doing it yet;
  • The Telegram problem: why major decentralization projects are making the strategic mistake to centralize on proprietary, closed-source communication platforms— like Telegram, Discord, or, well, Medium — and what we plan to do about it;
  • The importance of the CosmWasm platform: how we plan to facilitate the adoption of this superior alternative to EVM across the DeFi ecosystem, help with ensuring the continued vitality of the CosmWasm project —  and beyond.
A grizzled heavy machinery operator setting a course to the nearest star cluster
Tall order? Can’t say we’ve ever shied away from one. Let’s go!

In our next post, we’ll start by quickly outlining some of the context in which we embarked on the Fadroma journey —  and relate what we’ve learned about the present and future of CosmWasm frameworks.

In the meantime, you’re welcome to get in touch with us at hello@fadroma.tech. Stay tuned!

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