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hack partners with wearedevelopers berlin 2019

Last month, we’ve announced that we’ve partnered with WeAreDevelopers for this year’s edition of the Congress. We had 2 tickets to give away for our community of blockchain developers which now we’ll do.

We wanted to make you – the people of our community participate somehow in order to win a ticket, so we did come up with the idea of creating two ways you were able to do so.

First – share your favorite content from our blog in your social media channels with a short text (answering the question “Why?”) and tag us adding the #hacktribe hashtag. (be creative)

Second – create a valuable piece of content for our community and send it to us at events@hack.bg. An example could be a tutorial, guest blog post related to blockchain, video explainer or something else.

So the winners:

Winner #1
Winner #2

See you at WeAreDevelopers in June 🙂

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