Blockchain Developers Meetup #0x03 — LiveCoding Workshop

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Another month has passed away and the time for our next meetup has come.

Yesterday we were gathered for the third Blockchain Developers Meetup in our community.

This time we’ve tried another format of conducting these meetups —

  • The first part — a brief summary about the recent news in the blockchain space — new forks that are coming, improvement proposals, new development networks and tools.
  • As a second part — discussions about interesting development topics, workshops and practical examples.
  • And last but not least — networking.

We’ve received great feedback from you guys and we’ll continue doing our meetups this way.

Our coolest blockchain development community

For those of you who wasn’t able to come yesterday, here is a short summary of what we’ve talked about:

Milen Radkov talking about the recent blockchain development news

First Milen Radkov (CEO at hack — Blockchain Development and Consulting Agency) talked about the Ethereum’s Constantinople Hard Fork, explaining the EIP’s (Ethereum Improvements Proposals) that are going to be implemented in this fork.

EIP 145 — Bitwise shifting instructions in EVM
EIP 1014 — Skinny CREATE2
EIP 1052 — EXTCODEHASH opcode
EIP 1283 — Net gas metering for SSTORE without dirty maps
EIP 1234 — Difficulty Bomb Delay and Block Reward Adjustment

Also short explainer about ProgPoW consensus algorithm that was discussed to be implemented in Ethereum by the core dev team.

Tezos — decentralized applications platform

Milen mentioned the mainnet launch of Tezos — a new platform for smart contracts and decentralized applications. Which will be deeply reviewed and discussed in some of our next meetups.

WeiDEX — decentralized exchange

Milen finished with a big shoutout to our friends from WeiDEX for their mainnet launch yesterday — another successful Bulgarian blockchain project with very experienced, skillful and enthusiastic team.

WeiDex is a fully featured decentralized exchange. It guarantees the maximum standard of security, transparency and open source logic. The main idea behind decentralized exchanges is the removal of third party intermediaries. With their removal, decentralized exchanges don’t require any personal information such as names, addresses, and other private information. With weiDex, users will enjoy a plethora of extra features not found on other exchanges such as multiple order fulfilment, Bull/Bear Bomb, Crumb Cleaner, high reward referral system airdrops, and our favourite, cross-chain transactions for Ethereum and other Smart Contract platforms and cross-chain atomic swaps

Nikolay Angelov — Zero knowledge proof example

For the second part of our meetup we invited Nikolay Angelov. He is a very experienced blockchain developer and trainer. You can check his blog out as well.

He was doing a talk and a workshop about creating Zero-knowledge proof and verification via Smart Contract on Ethereum.

Nikolay explained what a zero-knowledge proof is and how it enables variety of use-cases for blockchain projects and also could help current scalability issues in some networks.

ZoKrates zero-knowledge proof example

In his workshop he introduced us to the ZoKrates — a toolbox for zkSNARKS over Ethereum, and created a simple arithmetic program that he used for the zkSNARKS example.

And of course — the networking part — as networking gives you new possibilities for career advancement and professional growth.

Blockchain Developers Meetup #03 Networking
Blockchain Developers Meetup #03 Networking

Watch the session and get the presentations and resources here:

LiveCoding Workshop – 0x03 [Blockchain Developers Meetup]


If you are interested in talking on some cool topic, or you want to propose some topic to be discussed — just drop us a line at or write down a comment / reply.

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