Aeternity Starfleet Incubator: Demo Day 2 — a sip of inspiration

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Last saturday we went to watch the second demo day and pitching of the projects participated in the first Æternity Ventures Starfleet Incubator.

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Æternity is a blockchain 3.0

Æternity Blockchain is a new blockchain technology platform for scalable smart contracts founded by Yanislav Malahov also known as the “Godfather of Ethereum”. They are offering very tempting and long way needed new features in the blockchain for security and scalability of the decentralized applications, such as built-in decentralized oracles allowing world data to flow into the blockchain, state channels and turing-complete smart contracts.

Also it is worth to mention the Æternity blockchain is incorporating the Bitcoin NG protocol — a next generation blockchain protocol designed to scale, and the Cuckoo Cycle Proof-of-Work (POW) algorithm which is a memory-intensive mining algorithm that improves mining decentralization.

They are launching their Mainnet soon, so stay tuned for their great project.

Æternity Starfleet — series of incubator and accelerator programs

You may know about the initiative the company started and the first wave of the blockchain incubator which was in Sofia, Bulgaria.

The 10 best teams from all over the world were pitching their projects:

Tip me : transparent workers tipping based on blockcain(Berlin,GER)
AMPnet: blockchain platform for trading electricity (Zagreb,CRO)
– The Noble Company: blockchain based referal system for recruitment(Sofia,BG) 
TraDEXsocial: frictionaless way to introduce people to crypto(Sofija,BG)
UTU: trust infrastructure for the sharing economy(Nairobi, Kenya)
RideSafe: micro-insurance platform for motorcycle riders (Nairobi,Kenya)
YAIR Berlin: platform for trading and experiencing art (Berlin,Germany)
– Data2Honey : decentralised IOT data marketplace(Ljubljana,SLO)
Tribe Creation Platform: decentralized music crowdfuding platform (Vienna, Austria) 
Bee Smart Technologies: blockchain based pollination marketplace (Sofia, BG)

All of those projects were great, but it was clear that some of them stood out infront of the others.

Some of them got our attention as well with their briliant and inovative ideas.

Æternity Team gave a few minutes talk with some update on the aeternity blockchain development, which was great.

Æternity blockchain

We also met with Karoline von Tschurtschenthaler — Managing Director of DSTOQ and discussed some interesting topics. Also we got ourselves a priority card for their MVP so we can test it out.

For those of you who doesn’t know about DSTOQ — they are regulated securities exchange where you can invest real-world assets using crypto. You can learn more at their website.

Karoline von Tschurtschenthaler from DSTOQ is talking about their goals and achievments

The winners

And the rest of the projects (7) received a pool of a 1 000 000 $, funds which will be splitted among all of them.

Image credits: Aeternity Ventures Twitter

Was a great day, great event and great initiative!

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