Aeternity Sophia Language – Visual Studio Code Extension

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February 19th, 2019/ Milen Radkov

Just a quick update. We’ve created a Visual Studio code extension for Aeternity’s Sophia Language. We felt the need for this, after having to write some Sophia smart contracts in visual studio code. After searching a while, we didn’t find anything released nor developed yet in regards to helping to highlight the code or show […]

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Aeternity Sophia Language Visual Studio Code Extension

Building Voting æpp with Sophia ML on æternity blockchain

Tech Talks, Tutorials
January 23rd, 2019/ Milen Radkov

Time is passing by and we are getting more experienced in writing smart contracts with Sophia ML language on æternity blockchain. In this tutorial, I’d like to share with you a simple voting decentralized aepp solution that we’ve built during the æpps summit in Turkey, which I took part in. This was one of my […]

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Build your first decentralized application (aepp) on Aeternity blockchain – Sophia ML smart contract – Address Book

January 10th, 2019/ Milen Radkov

Æternity blockchain is live after long period of waiting, the community is big and the core developers are top skilled. The project offers smart contracts development platform for decentralized applications dapps or how they call them – æpps. In this tutorial we are going to create a simple smart contract in Sophia ML programming language […]

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Sophia aeternity

Aeternity Starfleet Incubator: Demo Day 2 — a sip of inspiration

Apperances, News
July 17th, 2018/ Milen Radkov

Last saturday we went to watch the second demo day and pitching of the projects participated in the first Æternity Ventures Starfleet Incubator. Æternity is a blockchain 3.0 Æternity Blockchain is a new blockchain technology platform for scalable smart contracts founded by Yanislav Malahov also known as the “Godfather of Ethereum”. They are offering very […]

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