Blockchain Consulting

As the primer company offering blockchain development services in Bulgaria, we have large and extensive experience in the field of decentralized blockchain-based applications.

We at hack specialize in advisory and consulting for small, medium and large enterprise companies interested in blockchain technology.

hack is a pioneer in driving business adoption in blockchain and distributed ledger technologies across industries.

Our blockchain consulting services are helping projects define their decentralized application architecture, smart contracts utilization, crystallize the idea behind the particular use case they have, and advise on the token economy (tokenomy) behind their product.

We’ve got to work closely with members, core-developers as well as founders of some of the biggest public and/or private blockchain networks, infrastructures and solutions such as Hyperledger foundation, Ethereum and Aeternity blockchain, which are actively involved in the whole blockchain ecosystem and community.

This experience allows us to provide to our clients an expert insight into the space of blockchain and determine the most valuable blockchain solution and implementation for their business needs.

We work closely with our clients to help them define and achieve a successful strategy with a focus on blockchain development, implementation, and adoption.