How to create aeternity fungible token? [tutorial]


In this short tutorial I’ll be showing you how to create a fungible token on aeternity blockchain network.

In this tutorial you will create a AEX-9 (fungible token standard on aeternity) token in few easy steps.


Note: This will be a short tutorial on creating a fungible token with allowances.

Step 1. Go to waellet Utilities section and select Fungible Tokens

How to create aeternity fungible token? [tutorial] 1

Step 2. Click Deploy fungible token button.


Step 3. Fill the form with the details needed for the token – Token Name, Token Symbol, and decimals.


Step 4. Click deploy, confirm/sign the transaction and you are ready.


The Allowances section of waellet will allow you to interact with the contract and set allowances for addresses of your choice.

The Mint/Burn section allows us to mint (create new tokens) or burn (remove tokens from circulation) tokens.

How to create aeternity fungible token? [tutorial] 2
How to create aeternity fungible token? [tutorial] 3
How to create aeternity fungible token? [tutorial] 4

After confirming the transaction you’ve successfully minted tokens to the address you specified in the previous step.

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