Telerik Academy Ethereum Developer Master Class

Telerik Academy Ethereum Developer Master Class 1
Telerik Academy Ethereum Developer Master Class

Telerik Academy is organizing a three-months-long immersive master blockchain program focused on ethereum development – smart contract, unit testing, security and developing decentralized applications.

Milen was invited to share his knowledge and will be taking part as a guest lecturer for some of the topics included in the curriculum.

Blockchain is here to stay and Ethereum is leading the way. With more enterprises and startups turning to blockchain-powered solutions, the need for proficient developers is skyrocketing. In 2018 alone, demand has surged with 517% (


The program will be led on-site by master blockchain practitioners and experts and created in collaboration with the Bulgarian blockchain community.

The full curriculum

  • Module 1 (7 weeks)
    • Intro to Blockchain & Consensus Algorithms
    • Intro to Smart Contracts and Networks
    • Intro to transactions and wallets
    • Intro to dApps
    • Intro to dApps workflow
    • Intro to Ehereum and POW/POS
    • Smart Contracts Development on Ethereum – Part 1
    • Smart Contracts Development on Ethereum – Part 2
    • Smart Contracts Development on Ethereum – Part 3
    • Ethereum Smart Contracts Unit Testing
    • High-Quality Contracts & Security
    • Smart Contracts Development on Ethereum
  • Module 2 (6 weeks)
    • Intro to Tokens
    • Building Ethereum dApps – Part 1
    • Building Ethereum dApps – Part 2
    • Building Ethereum dApps – Part 3
    • Working with data – IPFS, Oracles, and data encryption
    • Cryptography
    • Smart Contracts Design Patterns
    • Upgradeable smart contracts
    • Building a dApp – Workshop
    • Intro to Layer 2
    • State channels and Sharding
    • Cross-chain transactions
  • Final Projects (2 days)
  • Project Presentations
  • Graduation

If you are interested in applying – check out the program details here.

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