Crypto Games Meetup

Crypto Games Meetup 1

Last week we were invited to talk at the first Crypto Games Meetup in Sofia.

Crypto Games Meetup 2
Crypto Games Meetup

The event was hosted on July 10th in the NETWORKING Premium Event Space in Sofia and gathered quite large amount of like-minded people into games, blockchain, or both.

The agenda was simple there were 2 short talks which lead to quite productive and informative discussions:

  1. Creating a dice game with Sophia Smart contracts – Milen Radkov from
  2. Designing games for Blockchain with Cryptic Legends – Serbian Blockchain Game Developers, finalists in the Starfleet Startup Accelerator

During the first part I gave a brief overview of Sophia ML, covering some of the most important features of the language. I shared with the audience what I believe to be advantage of Sophia ML over other smart contact languages (like Solidity).

Crypto Games Meetup 3
Milen – blockchain and gaming

After this insightful presentation we walked the audience through a smart contact, allowing the developers in the room to get acquainted with the syntax of Sophia ML. We explained the important parts of it and gave the audience an explanation on the implementation of the Dice game. This part was concluded with a short Q/A that sparked from questions from the audience about the reasons why we should use blockchain in games and what are the benefits after all.

Those of you interested to know more about blockchain in gaming and what are the potential uses can read our most recent article on the matter.

Crypto Games Meetup 4
Crypto Games Meetup

The second part of this session has been led by the CEO of Cryptic Legends. They honoured us with their presence driving all the way to Sofia from Belgrade. They came to share their experience on building a blockchain based game, the difficulties that their are encountering but also the excitement of building a blockchain game that has the potential to become the blue-print of variety of blockchain based games, making it easy for users to switch from one game to another by transferring their digital assets.

Crypto Games Meetup 5
Cryptic Legends

 The Cryptic Legends is using non-fungible tokens, allowing the player to collect and trade cards of heroes with unique features. The current state of their game is in Beta and we are looking forward for their public release.

This first meetup concluded with game playing and a lot of interesting talks around the opportunities that blockchain is offering to bring into gaming.

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