Aeternity Universe One – our experience

Aeternity Universe One - our experience 1
Aeternity Universe One - our experience 2
Aeternity Universe One

Aeternity Universe One was the first bigger conference organised by aeternity blockchain gathering hundreds of blockchain developers, researchers and entrepreneurs.

It took part in Prague on the 20-21 September in the cool venues Paralelni Polis and La Fabrika.

Aeternity Universe One - our experience 3
Aeternity Universe One @ La Fabrika

Starting with the hackathon

An open hackathon will be organized on September 14-15, during the weekend before the æternity Universe One conference. The event will allow anyone to propose and develop æpps that make use of æternity’s unique technological stack and compete for three prizes.

The Hæckathon will be a fast-paced, intense crash course in blockchain technology. Participants will have 48 hours to learn how to make use of æternity’s platform and developer tools and use them to their applications’ advantage.

The æpps that get developed will be presented during the conference. Remote participation will be possible.
Aeternity Universe One - our experience 4
Aeternity Universe One Hachathon @ Paralelni Polis

I took part as a mentor in the hackathon, helping people with Sophia and suggesting approaches when it comes to wallet choice or getting to know how some aeternity specific features work.

During the hackathon, we did a presentation on how to build decentralized applications on top of aeternity, together with Philipp Piwowarsky.

There were quite a lot of interesting participants building projects on aeternity – some of them focused on hardware wallets and key cards implementations, while others focused more on Sophia smart contracts and decentralized applications.

The winners

  1. Identity Of Things:
  3. meme hunter:

The following week was full of core workshops, discussing aeternity protocol features, development tools, wallets and applications.

I did moderate a workshop on wallets where we discussed the best approaches while developing wallets and also the problems we are facing together with base -aepp team.

Aeternity Universe One - our experience 11
Wallets workshop

We did an aeternity boat trip the evening before the conference.

The conference

Talks and panels

The talks and presentations were very interesting and were split in dev and entrepreneur tracks.

Yanislav opened the conference with a keynote speech.

Aeternity Universe One - our experience 12
Yanislav Malahov – founder of aeternity – opening keynote at Aeternity Universe One

Emin also talked about how he got into the space and how the ecosystem is evolving.

Aeternity Universe One - our experience 13
Emin Mahrt opening the dev track

Hans Svensson (aeternity core developer) gave a great talk on Generalized Accounts in aeternity and how one can prepare a transaction in order to generalize their account. He also showed a simple generalized account implementation in Sophia.

Aeternity Universe One - our experience 14
Hans Svensson talk about aeternity’s Generalized Accounts

As Hans mentioned in his talk there were not registered generalized accounts on the aeternity mainnet up to that point, so together with Philipp we deployed the first two mainnet generalized accounts. Yay!

I participated on a panel “blockchain for business”. Together with Tito Titov from WeiDex, Asiimwe Benson from RideSafe, Jason Eisen from UTU and Mislav Javor from AMPnet we discussed the challenges in developing blockchain startup and how business could benefit from using blockchain.

Aeternity Universe One - our experience 15
Blockchain for Business panel discussion

The presentation of Graffiti app was also pretty interesting, the team shared the challenges they faced while developing the app such as rendering images and having to create auction smart contracts for claiming slots and more.

Aeternity Universe One - our experience 16

The app is neat!

Aeternity Universe One - our experience 17
Graffiti App during the Aeternity Universe One

And lastly I talked about Waellet – the browser extension waellet we are developing for quite some time now, allowing you to interact with aeternity network.

Aeternity Universe One - our experience 18
Milen Radkov – waellet presentation


Both of the days we conducted Sophia workshops showing people how to work with Sophia ML and how to create their first smart contract on top of aeternity.

Aeternity Universe One - our experience 19

In conclusion the whole week was a blast! Looking forward to the next aeternity conference!

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